The Message of guidance from Allah conveyed to mankind, through His prophets, from time to time, is called the ‘Books of Allah’.

Not only do the Muslims believe in the Holy Qur’an, but also in the ‘Books of Allah’ given to other Prophets. The Qur’an makes reference to five revealed Books including the Holy Qur’an itself.

These are as follows:

Suhuf (Scrolls): given to prophet Abraham, peace be upon him (87:20)

Taurat (Torah): given to prophet Moses, peace be upon him (3:4, 5:45)

Zaboor (Psalms): given to prophet David, peace be upon him (4:164)

Injeel (Gospel): given to prophet Jesus Christ, peace be upon him (5:47)

Qur’an: given to prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him (6:20)

There is, however, a note of caution: All revealed Books except the Holy Qur’an were partly changed by their followers and are not preserved in their original form. As such, the belief of the Muslims in the ‘Books of Allah’ refers solely to the ‘original guidance’ received by their prophets, and not to the present day version of these Books. The text of the Holy Qur’an, however, has always remained unchanged and preserved in its original form. Islam claims that the teachings of the Qur’an are complete, perfect and eternal. These teachings are fully capable of guiding mankind in all ages.