Other Important Beliefs of Muslims

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We have covered the six fundamental beliefs in Islam. There are, however, many other beliefs which are also very important in Islam. Some of these are mentioned below:

A Muslim believes that every person is born innocent and free from sin. Sin is a conscious breach of some ordinance of God brought to one’s attention by the Prophet, or by one’s own intellect, a God given faculty. Only when a person reaches maturity of understanding and can distinguish between right and wrong, does he become accountable for his actions.

A Muslim believes that God does not hold anyone responsible unless He has shown him the right way. This is the reason why God has sent so many messengers and revelations. God always sends His guidance and warning before inflicting His punishment on people.

A Muslim believes that faith is not meaningful if it is followed blindly, without reasoning or understanding. A person should use his powers of reasoning and reflect upon God’s teachings.

A Muslim believes that every person is responsible for his own deeds and that no one carries the burden of another. On the Day of Judgement, no intercession will be accepted on behalf on another and each soul will be rewarded according to what it had earned.

A Muslim believes that all prophets were sent by God and that no distinction should be made among them in this respect.

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