Islamic Philosophy of Life

- Stage One Module Three
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Allah is the Creator and the Master of all of us. Therefore, He alone can appoint a purpose for us. The Holy Qur’an, which is the word of God, makes reference to this objective as follows:


I have created jinn and men so that they (may know Me) and worship Me.

Holy Qur’an Chapter 51, verse 57)

Thus according to Islam, the purpose of man’s creation is the understanding and worship of Allah with complete devotion to Him. We can achieve this goal if:-

we are firm in the Six Articles of Eeman (Set of Beliefs)
we comply with the Five Pillars of Islam (Acts of Worship)
we abide by the rules of social and moral behaviour.

Our Allah, the Gracious, has bestowed upon us all the necessary faculties to fulfil these conditions of Islam. Thus we achieve nearness to Allah, and lead a happy and peaceful life on earth.

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